Thursday, October 23, 2008

Justice I

Lord, there is evil.

There is evil done against me in so many ways.
Some would say they are little things:
The unkind, unfair judgment;
The stealing of a few dollars;
The brief threat of violence;
The disinterest of those who have claimed to care;
To me, these are major events
that shape my life and my conscience.

Lord, bring your justice:
true justice.
I ask not that you destroy the evildoers,
Nor do I bring down curses upon their children.
Although it is difficult to say, I ask:
Father, forgive them
For they know not what they do.
Don't forgive them out of some invented complacency
Nor from an all-encompassing mercy that is not of you.
Rather, I pray that you shape them,
reform them to be forgivable.
Create justice in their hearts, Lord.
Soften them to be merciful;
Color in them your humility;
Let them walk in the path of your trust.

As I was once one of them—
A liar,
A cheat,
A thief,
A hater,
An immoral person--
and you redeemed me.
Allow them to be as your Son
as your children
as You.
And then, as they forgive those
who do evil against them
May you forgive them of the evil done against me.
Lord, bring your justice:
true justice.

I open up my heart to give my all to you
All in you
All in you.

May your kingdom come.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Website

Anawim has a completely new website with a new look and new content.

And, most importantly for this blog, all of the teachings about Jesus and the Anawim are in the teaching section, all illustrated! (That means we put a cool picture next to each of the teachings)

And, heck, if you like the Anawim Bible teachings, you might want to check out the section under poverty, where there are recommendations about how the church can support the homeless and the mentally ill.

You can find it at:

That's "No Where To Lay His Head Dot Org", in case long words give you a headache.